Flexible LED displays

Arbitrariness of shapes

Flexible modules

Flexible LED displays are LED displays that are made of flexible, bendable modules, with high resolution. They can be of arbitrary shape, depending on how the individual panels are arranged. Flexible screens are in the form of a roll, wave, or any unique shape. 

svetleci unutrasnji displej
led displej ekrani

Flexible LED displays are intended for indoor installation, and are most often used for shopping malls, stadiums, airports, clubs, train stations. They generally follow the shape of the “facade” on which they are placed. Flexible LED screens can be easily assembled, disassembled and folded for storage and transportation. 

For Elitas no design is too complex and no project is too big to implement. With us you get flexible LEDs displays that are tailored to fit your space. We have the capacity to produce a flexible LED screen of any size and shape according to your request and needs. 


Innovative solutions

Unique and different

LED flexible displays are manufactured in our factory, which allows us to maintain high quality standards and to exist for more than 27 years for you. With us, you get an LED screen exactly as you imagined, unique and different, because we do everything according to the wishes of our clients. Flexible LED displays are an innovative solution for all those who want something different and more elegant. 

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