Design and projecting

Attractive and customized design

Harmonizing the visual identity

In order to attract targeted clients, you need an attractive design, adapted to your business. An attractive and customized design affects the image and success of your company.

Some of our clients have books of standards that define visual effect , dimensions, selection and quality of raw materials from which the products are made. With its knowledge, experience and professional approach, Elitas proposes the best solutions to clients where this is not defined.

In the visualization process, our designers start from the client’s basic requirements, set on the basis of the existing visual identity, wishes and the activity itself. 

After harmonizing the visual identity and technical requirements, the conceptual project for advertisements is created. As part of the conceptual project, we suggest positions for advertisements, dimensions, positions of supports, electrical installation excerpts… 

The task of the project created by Elitas is to define the technical details for production and assembly. Defining the technical details, that is, the constructive solution affects the quality, functionality, serviceability of the product, the production price and maintenance costs. In addition, an important requirement that our constructive solutions meet is aesthetics (visual experience, quality of materials and workmanship, homogeneity of the illuminated surface).
Optimization in design, production and assembly is part of our standard work procedures, so that the quality of materials and the technological process itself is never questioned. The constructive solution includes the selection of the appropriate types of materials, in the appropriate quality, in the optimal quantity and appropriate processing.

Many years of experience

Constructive soluton

Thanks to their many years of experience in this field, following and applying world trends and innovations, our designers create solutions of stable and safe constructions and assemblies that meet all the necessary safety measures and standards of quality and visual appearance. Sometimes it is a challenge to fit the technical requirements into the investor's budget, but good communication and trust between us and our clients are the basis for a successful implementation to mutual satisfaction.

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