Elitas Belgrade


Our mission is to satisfy all the needs of our clients in the field of visual communications, combining their requirements and our rich experience. In order to achieve this, the imperative of our business is product and service quality and meeting deadlines and other requirements at the maximum level. This way of working requires the support of employees, through the effective and efficient work of each individual and team spirit.

Team spirit

Working atmosphere

The motivation and satisfaction of employees occupy one of the most important places in the business of ELITAS. In addition to the reward system, we encourage the exchange of positive energy and nurture a positive working atmosphere. The qualities and behavior that we most value, support and develop in our employees are honesty, loyalty, creativity, independence, as well as teamwork, contribution to a positive atmosphere, respect for work standards and procedures. We ensure the business development of our employees through education, monitoring and application of new business and professional (co-)knowledge and improvement of personnel policy.


Maybe we will choose you

Join our professional collective

Today, our multidisciplinary team consists of more than 40 employees, mostly engineers and technicians. The opening of new jobs and the introduction of new employees into the business represent our great pleasure. If you are interested in our activity, you are highly motivated to work, you want to advance and improve yourself, send your resume to the e-mail address: office@elitas-belgrade.com or by mail to ELITAS d.o.o., Ikarbus Nova 3 19, Belgrade.