Urban furniture

Urban furniture as requested by clients

Elitas keeps pace with modern technologies and trends. Smart (smart and wireless) devices that today define the standard in quality and functionality are part of the offer that Elitas offers to its clients. Urban furniture has precisely this functional, but also aesthetic role in equipping populated areas that meet the needs of passers-by (wifi signal, charging mobile devices, shelter from the weather, local information, interactive information via monitors and LED screens, lighting). It is possible to install additional elements and devices (video surveillance, panic buttons, anti-vandal systems, various sensors).

Benefits of installing urban furniture

All elements of urban furniture have the possibility of powering from renewable energy sources, through solar energy and wind energy. The benefits of using alternative energy sources are: preservation of the environment, reduced electricity costs, the choice of installation site is not conditioned by the proximity of the power source and does not require investments in the installation. Urban equipment products are: solar/smart benches, bus shelters…


Smart benches, so-called benches of the future function according to the principle of renewable energy sources (wind energy, solar energy) or electricity. Solar benches are placed on public city areas: on squares, promenades, in parks.


Bus shelters are powered by solar energy, and the power source is solar panels. Smart bus shelters are custom-made at the client's request according to the selection of dimensions, materials, colors and designs.

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