Light box signs

Large dimensions

Interesting graphics

Light boxes are lighting signs of various dimensions and shapes, most often made of panaflex canvas, plasticized aluminum sheet or profile. With this type of signs, there is the possibility of changing the canvas and graphics.

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Although, in a technical sense, they belong to a simpler type of signs, an attractive effect can be achieved with interesting graphics. Our specialty is “light boxes” of large dimensions. We offer one-sided and two-sided signs, for indoor or outdoor mounting. 

Attract attention to your brand

Affordable prices

Light box signs are very affordable, so they are mostly recommended for logos that are complicated to implement with another design. Light box signs are an ideal way to attract attention and interest to your brand or products. They are an excellent choice for shopping centers, supermarkets, banks, hotels and other business facilities. During many years of experience, we have implemented hundreds of light box signs projects.

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