Canopy signs

LED display canopies

Highlight your brand

Canopy signs are luminous or non-luminous advertising elements intended for lining the canopies of buildings, most often gas stations, banks, casinos, betting shops, car washes. They are made of canvas, alubond, plexiglass, aluminum sheet and profiles.

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3D inscriptions or logos can be applied to the canopies. We also make canopies in the form of LED screens or with special LED effects. LED display canopies are made using the same technology as LED billboards. They can display different information: text, graphics, images, animations, video. 

Improve your business

Attractive and effective appearance

Lighting elements of the canopy signs provide an attractive and effective appearance of objects at dusk and at night. We produce modern canopy signs, designed to attract your customers. Make your brand stand out from your competitors and increase traffic and improve your business. During many years of experience, we have produced and installed canopy signs for gas stations and other facilities throughout the country, the total length of which we measure in kilometers. 

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