Case study

City Cacak

In December 2022, we realized a project that includes the creation and installation of three double-sided LED info panels – totems on the city promenade in Cacak. Double-sided LED totems serve to inform and promote events and activities as part of the National Capital of Culture Cacak 2023 event. The city of Cacak, as the national capital of culture for 2023, has become the epicenter of the Serbian cultural scene. Under the slogan “Cacan’s hometown”, the idea is to use the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city of Cacak, as a strong platform for urban and infrastructural development.
Studija slučaja grad Čačak totem LED prestonica kulture Srbije 2023

Client: City Cacak

Production and installation of LED info totems

We received a request from the investor for the production and assembly of 3 double-sided LED totems, overall dimensions 1.26×2.55m. LED screens, dimensions 0.96×1.92m and pixel pitch 4mm, fit into the steel structure. LED screens are protected by 5mm tempered glass. Management is via LAN or WiFi. 2 cameras are connected to each LED totem.
Studija slučaja grad Čačak totem displej LED ispred apoteke


Careful planning and production

The project required careful planning and the creation of an LED info totem, and Elitas was ready to accept the challenge. With its team of experts, Elitas has ensured that each LED totem is precisely manufactured and tested, in order to achieve high efficiency and durability. Our approach started with a tour of the location, in order to gain a complete insight into all the information for the realization of the project. In order to achieve the best results, our team was involved in all phases of the project, from designing to making and assembling the totem. Through this process, we managed to establish smooth communication between all project participants. In this way, we ensured that each step of the project was completed successfully and without problems.


Production of LED totems

Engineering created the technical drawings of the totems, in order to show the client exactly how the totems will be produced, part by part, with details on each specific element. We have defined the appearance, dimensions and materials from which the LED totems are produced. First, it was necessary to make an internal steel structure with anti-corrosion protection. The cladding is made of plasticized aluminum sheets, which are cut and bent into the appropriate totem shapes. The LED modules were mounted on sheet metal before being welded together to create a unique totem shape. After painting the totems, the final step was to install the electrical components.


Double-sided LED totems

Each totem is carefully checked and tested before assembly to make sure they meet all functional requirements. The final product was two-sided totems 2.5m high, with LED screens and a luminous logo. LED totems are adapted to the specific needs of the project. They were mounted on the city promenade in Cacak, on a prepared foundation with concreted anchors, delivered by Elitas.

The result

Functional and high-quality LED totems

Using the latest technologies and materials, we made LED totems according to the highest possible quality standards. Our team is dedicated to quality and details, so we have “built” our knowledge and experience into every element of the totem, in order to achieve the best possible results. In this way, we ensured that the totems were not only functional, but extremely high quality and durable.