LED digits

Placed in arrays

Visible parameters of your business

LED digits are used to display information, date, exact time, meteo data, prices. They are made of panels with built-in LEDs according to the contour of numbers in seven or twelve segments. They can be in different sizes, with one, two or three rows of LEDs. LED digits are most often in white color, because as such they are the most readable in daylight. The LED digits  are placed in rows to form a number. The advantages of using LED digits are multiple: price, effectiveness, durability.


LED digits are installed in totems at gas stations to display fuel prices, like LED price lists. LED digits can also be used as LED clocks. They have the option of installing a clock with GPS time adjustment. Time measurement is done using GPS system signals, which ensures accuracy to the second. By design, clocks can be digital, analog and combined. The date display automatically takes leap years into account. LED digits can also display meteorological data: air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure.

LED digits can also be used as devices that count forward or backward the seconds of the exact time: a stopwatch, a counter of the remaining time until an event, a display of free parking spaces. Control is automatic via sensors or manually. The LED digits can also serve as casino roulette number displays by displaying the last 15 numbers on the roulette wheel in the appropriate colors, with the ability to scroll back for four more groups of 15 numbers each. Entry is made manually, by the croupier via the keyboard on the table. The dimensions are 1,000x180x60mm.


Multiple control modes

Control and management of LED digits

Part of the process and solution is knowing how to manage the LED digits on the displays. Each display is microprocessor controlled. Arrays of displays are controlled via a single communication channel. Possible ways of management are directly via PC; stationary keyboard inside the totem; infrared remote control; RF remote control; SMS messages; via Bluetooth and via the DOMS protocol. Elitas will provide you with all the necessary solutions and instructions so that the installation and work with LED numbers and displays are as efficient as possible for the needs of your business.


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