Professional LCD monitors

Liquid crystal technology

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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a monitor based on liquid crystal technology. The monitors from our offer are from the Japanese manufacturer NEC. NEC monitors are a special class of LCD screens designed for business needs. Professional LCD screens are designed to work non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365/366 days a year. They are mostly monitors with a diagonal of 43″, 55″ or 65″, intended for use in public places. The most popular model of professional LCD monitors is 55″.


Professional LCD screens can be for indoor and outdoor use. A large viewing angle, high level of illumination, contrast and water resistance allow them to be used both indoors and outdoors. The resolution of professional LCD monitors goes to 4K. It is possible to connect several LCD screens, oriented vertically or horizontally, so that they form a video wall. Each monitor can display completely independent content.

LCD screens are usually protected by tempered glass. Professional LCD screens are mostly interactive (touch screen) and as such are most often used for ordering food and drinks in restaurants, for selecting items in shopping centers. They are used almost everywhere where digital signage is present.
LCD ekrani u trznim centrima

Easy content updating

Remote control

Content can be updated locally or remotely. It is possible to control all devices from one remote location. Remote control enables the company to change content remotely in all branches across the country.

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