LCD screens

LCD screens for the needs of your business

Our state-of-the-art LCD screens will help you to highlight the advantages of your company, increase sales and raise company branding to a much higher level. Elitas installs modern LCD screens of premium quality and different dimensions for you. Based on precise Japanese technology and high resolution LCD screens quickly find their place and application in various sectors and activities of your business.

Benefits of using LCD screens

Take advantage of all the advantages and benefits of the Elitas LCD screens. Basic functionalities and benefits are: energy efficiency, durability (very reliable screens, on average an LCD screen can last up to 60,000 hours), excellent resolution and image quality, pixels of organic material, liquid crystal, LED backlight (effective and energy efficient), low weight compared to the size of the screen. Take advantage of all the listed functions of the LCD screen and shine brighter than your competition. Different sizes of LCD screens suitable for your business premises are available.


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a monitor based on liquid crystal technology. The monitors from our offer are from the Japanese manufacturer NEC. NEC monitors are a special class of LCD screens designed for business needs.


The interactive LCD kiosk is a free-standing info panel with a touch screen. It consists of a touch-sensitive LCD display with a sheet steel housing. Kiosk monitor sizes are 24", 32", 43", 46", 55", 65" and 86", depending on the affinity and needs of the user.


Informative LCD totem-city light is a free-standing LCD panel for advertising, providing information, navigation. The base of the totem is an LCD display, while the stand is made of aluminum or steel sheet. LCD totems are single-sided or double-sided, with tempered glass for better protection.

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