Signs installation

Assembly and service

Serbia and wider area of Europe

Where can we organize assembly and service? What accompanying works do we perform? We carry out assembly both on the territory of Serbia and in the region and the wider area of Europe. We carry out installations outside of Serbia with our own resources or, depending on the amount of costs for the client and local regulations, through partner companies.

Through partner companies, we provide logistical and technical support, as well as quick response to any service. Regardless of the possible engagement of local partners, Elitas is the bearer of the product warranty.

Wider range of services

Accompanying construction works

In addition to the standard assembly of the products themselves, Elitas also provides the service of accompanying construction and craft work. These works may include preparatory works for assembly (making and concreting of anchors for advertising and informational signs), making and assembling supporting steel structures, as well as finishing works of a craft and aesthetic nature. In addition to these basic works, we are able to perform a wider range of services for you, such as the adaptation of the entire building, for example. gas stations, etc.

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