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Branding is the comprehensive idea or image of your company that is directly related to your product and aims to define that image in the eyes of your customers. Why is branding so important? Your company or company name, design, logo and all other characteristics that are unique to your business identity are part of your brand. These brand elements will be an integral and teachable part of your product (or service), distinguishing it from other similar products (or services) on the market.

The brand is largely influenced by the way the audience perceives your product, service, and even the company itself. Your marketing, company culture, advertising, design  can affect how successful your brand will be in the market. Using your brand to define a product can improve product performance and even get consumers to pay more. For example, the use of fonts, colors and slogans of LIGHTING SIGNS, LED DISPLAYS, INFORMATION SIGNS sets you apart from others on the market and affects the fact that your clients perceive you as premium.

Branding is the complete advertising and informational furnishing of objects and implies marking of the object itself from the outside and inside. The elements of RVI (Retail Visual Identity) branding are: digital signage-LED and LCD screens, LED canopies-friezes, LED fans, transparent screens, totems, channel letters, road signs and other informative signs. We approach the advertising and information equipment of facilities thoroughly, bearing in mind that advertising is not just a sign, but that its purpose is to bring the user to the facility and leave a good first impression.


Object branding services are entrusted to us by clients who want to promote their products in the best way through elements of visual communication. Until now, we have done complete branding of gas stations-NIS Gazprom, Petrol, retail chains-Tempo, Mercator, Roda, Idea, Super Vero, Aman Plus, DIS, Coincasa, McDonalds, shopping centers-Ušće, Delta City, Beo Shopping Center, Emmezeta, Immo, banks-Eurobank Direktna, Addiko bank, Halkbank, AIK bank, casinos-Balkan bet, Merkur, Winner, car dealerships-Citroen Podgorica, Subaru, Kia, Volvo, mobile operators-Yettel and many others.

Complete branding consists of the following services: conceptual solution, project development with all prescribed elements and certifications by licensed engineers, implementation of the procedure for obtaining a permit, production, transportation, assembly and final construction and craft works. It is agreed with the client whether all or some of the listed services are performed. On the day of completion of installation work, the building is handed over, from which the warranty period begins.

Winner led reklama na objektu

Quality of materials and processing

Matching requirements and capabilities

When creating technical solutions, part of our standard work procedures is optimization in design, production and assembly, whereby the quality of materials and processing is imperative. Optimization does not imply the installation of materials and components of a lower quality level, but, in agreement with the client, the solution is simplified. Reconciling requirements and possibilities is often not an easy task, but good communication between us and our clients, as well as the trust we have given each other by closing the deal or gained during long-term cooperation, are the basis for successful implementation to mutual satisfaction.

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