LED displays

We make custom
LED displays for you

We produce indoor and outdoor LED displays, of all types and dimensions, according to the request. Whether you need a LED billboard or a flexible LED display–you are in the right place! LED screens are an effective way to promote your brand, products, special offers. They can be applied to any activity. Flexibility in terms of presenting your messages (video, animations, images) on LED displays makes everything possible. With LED screens you advertise your brand 24/7.

Together with you-we create your vision future

LED screens are modern advertisements, with the greatest potential for “growth” in the future. Multimedia screens will help you improve your vision and achieve effective and efficient communication with your clients. Our custom-made LED displays give a new dimension to your brand image, and are represented almost everywhere: on promenades, in shop windows, shopping centers, next to busy roads. With us, you get premium quality LED screens and a “turnkey” service. Elitas designs and manufactures LED displays of all types for you (LED billboards, LED posters, LED transparent displays, flexible LED screens, LED holograms).


LED billboards are used to display large-sized images and videos and are becoming the standard in the field of LED screens. They are an excellent way to popularize your brand, presentation of products and services. The LED billboard will attract attention and thus make your advertising message stand out from the competition.


The LED poster is an LED screen with predefined dimensions that is used to display information in open and closed spaces. The multimedia LED poster has an ultra-thin and modern design, made of aluminum profile.

LED DISPLAY 70 x 70cm

The double-sided LED display measuring 70x70 cm is an advanced technological innovation that enables simultaneous display of content on both sides of the screen. Its high resolution and brightness ensure a clear and sharp display of messages, images or video material in different brightness conditions. This type of display is ideal for use in busy areas where visibility from multiple directions is crucial.


The color LED multimedia pharmacy cross is 65*65cm in size. It combines modern LED technology with the classic pharmacy symbol - the cross, providing exceptional visibility and appeal. Flexibility in displaying different content, such as text, images, videos or animations, allows adaptation to changes and promotions.


Monochrome LED displays are LED displays with red, white, blue, green or yellow LEDs. LED displays can be RGB, 7-color, so one of the available colors (red, white, blue, green, yellow, turquoise and pink) can be selected through the content input software.


LED transparent displays are partially transparent LED screens that are assembled from 1000x500mm modules, up to your desired dimensions. There is no limitation in terms of dimensions. The LED transparent screen is light and does not take up space, because it is mostly mounted in shop windows.


Flexible LED displays are LED displays that are made of flexible, bendable modules, with high resolution. They can be of arbitrary shape, depending on how the individual panels are arranged. Flexible screens are in the form of a roll, wave, or any unique shape. They generally follow the shape of the "facade" on which they are placed.


Traditional advertisements with static images and captions that cannot be easily changed have long since failed to meet modern advertising requirements. New technology brings new advantages. Video, animation, photo, sound, quick change of content, large brightness and transparency of the display give a great advantage in advertising in relation to outdated advertisements.


LED hologram fans are types of displays that produce an image that appears to "float" in the air. They work by having strips of RGB LEDs attached to the fan blades. To produce the image, the control unit illuminates the LEDs while the fan rotates.

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