We listen to the requests of our clients

With us, you get a complete solution of illuminated advertisements, LED displays and LCD screens according to the “turnkey” system.

We work for you: projecting and design, production, construction and installation, project and obtaining permission to place advertisements. With us, you get: warranty, service and maintenance of advertisements, training in the use of software for LED and LCD screens, as well as operating instructions in electronic form.

In addition to the standard “turnkey” offer that includes these services, Elitas adapts these services to the needs of clients and provides them separately. Our entire business is aimed at meeting the requirements of our clients. We conduct a socially responsible business policy.

Three key components of the Elitas service

Realization of large projects in Serbia and the region has earned us a reputation as an innovative and responsible company that knows how to respond to all the demands and wishes of clients. Elitas is distinguished by three key components, which are why clients place their trust in us:

Quality-our products are delivered to EU countries and meet strict quality and inspection standards. The production program is based on the requirements of our clients, and includes roof signs, flag signs, totems, LED and LCD screens, LED digits, smart bus shalters and benches, interior signs and other signs.

Project management-design, planning, obtaining permits, production, assembly, maintenance and service of elements of visual communication. In us, our clients have reliable and complete support in building their image through visual communication.

Logistics-includes planning, execution and supervision of transport. Project logistics refers to the safe and high-quality transport of components to the intended location.


In order to attract the right clients, you need an attractive design, adapted to your business. An attractive and customized design affects the image and success of your company.


To the clients for whom we do production, we can offer the services of project development and obtaining a permit to place an advertisement. After agreeing on the design, the project is drawn up, which is necessary for obtaining a permit to place an advertisement.


How could our clients benefit from our own production? Where we are able to arrange installation and repair? What other supporting works do we perform? We carry out assembly both on the territory of Serbia and in the region and the wider area of Europe. We carry out installations outside of Serbia with our own resources or, depending on the amount of costs for the client and local regulations, through partner companies.


Invest in your image instead of expensive penalties. Besides the impact on your image, significance of signs funcionality is also a matter of legal legislations, which requires owners of the signs to provide its' tidy appearance and proper work.

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