Elitas Belgrade


The imperative of our business is quality! The most important things for our clients are the quality of materials, workmanship and professional relationship with all parties involved in our business.

Using quality materials, quality processing and visually attractive, modern and serviceable constructive solutions, we deliver a high-quality product, which affects the good image of our clients and reduces the costs of maintaining advertising and informational elements.

Why is advertising = reputation?

First impression

Your advertisement forms the first impression about you, your business, reliability and quality.

Remember what each of us thinks about a company in front of which we see an advertisement that is defective, unevenly lit, that has faded, made of poor quality materials… What do we think about a company that has a poorly executed advertisement, an advertisement with poorly executed joints, visible lamps that illuminate or a company that has several business premises, and each one has a different advertisement…? On the contrary, quality and creative advertising makes you visible, recognizable, sets you apart from the competition, and even puts you in a more favorable negotiating position.


How does the quality of your ads affect your reputation?

Present yourself in the best way

What does your advertisement reveal about you? What opinion does the public have about your work and the quality you provide?

Advertising is the first and most important element of your image, and Elitas, with its experience and long-term business policy and complete turnkey service, is a partner who will support you as much as possible in building and preserving it, bringing clients to you and thus increasing Your sales.

Our attitude towards quality provides our customers with security and reliable operation of the products they purchase from us. In order to maintain and improve the quality level, Elitas operates according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 standards. In addition to tradition and experience, certification approved by an international accreditation body is an additional guarantee of business quality.

It is important to mention that we follow and apply world trends in our industry. Let’s set the standards together!


IMS policy

Systems management

The integrated management system IMS that we apply consists of the Quality Management System (QMS), the Environmental Protection Management System (EMS) and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Management and all employees of ELITAS through the daily performance of their activities, guided by the principle of continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System according to the requirements of the standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, by fulfilling the set goals, in an efficient and effective manner, ensure harmony between the interests of the company and the interests of the users. All our products have the CE sertificate.