Lighting signs

We make
Lighting signs according to your wishes

We create lighting signs according to your needs and wishes. We respond quickly and efficiently to your requests and deliver modern lightning signs in various shapes and sizes on a turnkey basis. We make lighting signs to measure, from different materials (plexiglass, alubond, stainless steel, canvas, aluminum). Each lightning sign is authentic and adapted to your brand.

Increase the competitiveness of your brand

Lighting signs are an effective way to increase the competitiveness of your brand. They complete the visual identity of your company, help you increase people’s awareness of your brand, and therefore increase profits. From channel letters, through totems, to LED screens, we provide you with a visual identity solution that meets your needs. Communicate with your customers, in the right place, at the right time, with our lighting signs.


Channel letter signs are individual 3D elements (logos, letters, inscriptions) with LED lighting. According to the client's request, channel letters can be of different dimensions and fonts. The process of creating an sign starts with design, projecting and material selection.


Alubond is a three-layer composite material used in construction for the production of facade and interior elements, but it has also found its place in the production of signs. Alubond signs can be luminous or non-luminous, for indoor or outdoor use.


Totems are free-standing outdoor or indoor advertisements of arbitrary dimensions. External totems are made of clearite, alubond, canvas, aluminum sheet and profile, and the supporting structure is made of galvanized steel. The internal totems are smaller in size and lighter in construction.


Pylons are column advertisements, two-sided, three-sided or four-sided, illuminated by reflectors or illuminated by LED lighting. The columns are made of steel, and the advertising elements are made of plexiglass, panaflex canvas, aluminum sheet and profile.


Roof signs are lighting signs of large dimensions. They are placed on a steel supporting structure on the roofs of buildings. Roof signs are illuminated with LEDs or illuminated with LED reflectors.


Canopy signs are luminous or non-luminous advertising elements intended for lining the canopies of buildings, most often gas stations, banks, casinos, betting shops, car washes. They are made of canvas, alubond, plexiglass, aluminum sheet and profiles.


Flag signs on the pole are double-sided illuminated advertisements that are placed on public lighting poles, in a row. They achieve the best effect for advertising campaigns.


LED neon signs are illuminated signs that are made of LED strips in a silicon tube. They are a modern replacement for neon signs made of glass tubes filled with inert gases, argon and neon.

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