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Smart benches, so-called benches of the future function according to the principle of renewable energy sources (wind energy, solar energy) or electricity. Solar benches are placed on public city areas: on squares, promenades, in parks.


We make smart benches from the highest quality materials (wood, steel structure), authentic and modern design according to the wishes of clients. In addition to the basic purpose of sitting and resting, smart benches can optionally have additional functions: free wifi internet, charging of devices of all types (via cable: microUSB, USB Type-C, classic input for USB, Lightning cable for iOS devices or wireless), advertising totem with LED lighting, interactive LCD monitor, multimedia LED screen, meteo data and weather.

Solarne pametne klupe za pametan odmor

By installing an LCD monitor or LED screen, a graphic display of the desired information is provided. The interactive LCD monitor is especially popular for tourist content. In Gornji Milanovac and Pozega, we have set up a smart desk for Tourist Organizations with such monitors, which enable modern, simple and quick information for tourists about all important historical, cultural and entertainment content.

The solar panel accumulates energy from the sun, which, in addition to other functions, provides illumination of advertising surfaces. Lighting on/off is controlled by a photo sensor and a motion sensor. Smart benches can be an element of solar bus stops. Smart benches can also function through wind energy, by installing a wind generator.
Solarne pametne klupe funkcionalno rešenje

Functional solutions

For all weather conditions

Renewable energy sources (solar energy and wind energy) are the ideal solution for powering smart benches, because they do not require maintenance and are free. Solar benches are functional throughout the year, in all weather conditions. In addition to being powered by solar energy and wind energy, they also have the option of being powered by electricity.

Our priorities when making smart benches are functionality, durability, design and finish. Solar benches are resistant to all atmospheric influences. Installation of solar benches is quick and easy.
Pametna klupa sa turistickim informacijama

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