LED hologram

LED hologram fans

Three-dimensional image

LED hologram fans are types of displays that produce an image that appears to “float” in the air. They work by having strips of RGB LEDs attached to the fan blades. To produce the image, the control unit illuminates the LEDs while the fan rotates.

3D hologram produces an image without the need for any kind of screen. The image emitted by the LED hologram is three-dimensional, giving you the impression that it is completely floating in the air. 

LED Hologram 3d hologram

Wide applications

Advantages of LED hologram fans

The advantages of LED fans are good visibility even in daylight, silence, very low consumption of electricity, excellent viewing angle. 3D hologram has found a wide application: boutiques, shopping malls, casinos, train stations, airports, restaurants, museums or any other exhibition space… LED holograms help you to surpass the competition and give the best effect for the promotion of your products.


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