Elitas Belgrade

About Elitas

ELITAS has been actively operating since 1995. From printing jobs and creating individual advertisements in the initial period, it has grown into a company that responds to the strict requirements of modern visual communication.

Elitas, based on many years of experience, provides a complete turnkey service, which includes design, projecting, obtaining permits, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and service of visual communication elements.

The mission of Elitas

Satisfied clients

Our mission is to satisfy all the needs of our clients in the field of visual communications, thus contributing to their reputation and development. Specific, original and modern solutions send a clear message to the users of your services about your market position and the advantages they can have by cooperating with you.

In the implementation of our work, we are focused on fulfilling your requirements and needs by combining them with our knowledge and experience. By respecting the agreed quality of products and services, deadlines and meeting all other requirements, at the maximum level, we provide you with stable support.

Our business is aimed at fulfilling the demands of our clients, which we achieve with a professional and responsible approach. Our business policy is based on building and nurturing long-term relationships and socially responsible business.


Development of Elites

Innovation and expansion to foreign markets

The development of the company is based on a long-term and socially responsible business policy, innovation in all elements of business, application of new technologies and expansion of business activities to foreign markets. Our innovative business policy consists in the constant improvement of business in general, as well as in the improvement of products and services.

The basis of the long-term and socially responsible business policy that Elitas leads and is fully committed to is the development and improvement of long-term relationships, based on mutual understanding, trust, stability and satisfaction of all interested parties, both externally (with its suppliers, users and all other business partners), as well as internally (with its employees).

An important direction of our development is the increase in the volume of exports. We currently have a representative office in Slovenia and a significant network of partner companies in Europe. We are actively working to expand the network, thereby providing complete technical and logistical support to foreign clients who import our products. By cooperating with us, our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of modern technologies. Long-term membership in ISA, the international association of companies in the field of advertising industry, monitoring of professional literature, visiting important specialized fairs and events, represent for us some of the sources of monitoring world trends.

Why Elites?

Advantages of cooperation with us

Elitas offers its clients and other business partners the following advantages:

  • Complete turnkey service (design, planning, obtaining permits, manufacturing, assembly, preparatory and final construction-craft works, maintenance and service)
  • Top quality materials, workmanship and constructive solutions
  • Meeting the agreed deadlines (which we ensure thanks to the possession of our own resources: a complete production line, qualified staff, our own warehouse of raw materials)
  • A wide product range and production according to special requirements, which gives customers the opportunity to buy everything in one place
  • Warranty on all products and services, with minimum response time for service
  • Complete logistic support in the country and region
  • Innovative technical solutions (a development team of engineers engaged in the monitoring and application of new technologies)
  • More than 27 years of experience and tradition in the execution of complex and reference projects in the field of visual communications
  • Special benefits for long-term contracted cooperation.

We turn our experience, creativity and enthusiasm into solutions that help our clients build their image every day.