2.1. Digits

Panels equipped with LEDs representing digits, arranged in seven and twelve segments with or without slant, most usually white (best for intensive outdoor use), supported with accompanying electronics for operation management and connection with auxiliary digits when assembled as numbers.

Standard sizes:


10cm, 1 red

12cm, 2 reda

15cm, 2 reda

20cm, 2 i 3 reda

25cm, 2 i 3 reda

33cm, 3 reda


2.2. LED price tags

Digits are packed to form price display which is placed on totem poles within petrol stations to indicate a price of fuel derivatives. Each price is controlled by individual microprocessor. The arrays of prices are controlled by central communication line.

Possible price control is straight from PC, RF remote, SMS messages and using DOMS interface.


2.3. Accurate time/date

This is a device for display precise time. Time base is obtained through the use of GPS signal, which provides continuous accuracy of time display. Products may be digital, analog and combined. If desired, date/time information is supplied by time zone and summer/winter savings time shift.


2.4. Meteo station

Device for meteo data display may show data alternatively (one or multiple numeric displays) an ambient temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction and atmospheric pressure.


2.5. Counters

These are devices which may count up or down to show time (stopwatch) or other events relied to counting products, automatisation by sensor control or manually. These devices may be used for display on parking lots to show available parking places, timeouts, stopwatches etc.


2.6. Displays for numeric displays in roulette in casinos

MD-810 – displays last 15 scores on roulette in desired colors, with option of listing four additional sets of previous numbers. Score entry is manual, by the croupier, using an appropriate keyboard. Set dimensions are 1000x180x60mm.


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