Designed to provide power supply for light elements in signs (fluo, LED, HV tubes etc.) and to manage turning on/off, dynamics, intensity and color.


1.1. LED modules

Modules of three high quality LEDs situated on one or two layer PCB in white, blue, red or other desired color. Module’s width varies from 8 to 15 mm, with LED pitch from 4 to 63 mm (4, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 63 mm), assembled in strips, with easy disassembling possibility. The nominal voltage is 12V, with a current stabilizer (which provides life longevity and stability of light output).


1.2. Photo cells

Manage turning on/off function according to exterior light intensity..


1.3. Blinkers

Manage desired rhythm of on/off duty cycles.


1.4. Programmers

Manage desired dynamics and pattern of lighting elements within sign continually.


1.5. Dimmers

Manage fine adjustment of light output according to external lighting conditions.



1.6 Solar and wind power supply

Provides autonomy to installed device(s) far from power grid.


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