How could our clients benefit from our own production? Where we are able to arrange installation and repair? What other supporting works do we perform?

ELITAS owns complete production, technologically and adequatly personnel capacity equipped, dimenzioned to respond to any inquiry in the signage sector. Our products features are: top quality raw materials and processing, visually and technologically up-to-date and constructively servicable. Our products have warranty, including components installed and we repair any defects at our own expense within warranty period. For the proper handling and maintenance, that is condition of the garantee validity, as well as breakage and »Force Majeure« are, please download »Operation and Maintenance Manual« About ELITAS/Quality(link)

We perform works on installation in Serbia, region and throughout Europe. We perform installation works out of Serbia by our own resources or supported by local partners, depending of cost effectiveness for the client and local legislations. Our partner companies support is an extended guarantee for the foreign clients as it provides local logistic and prompt response for maintenance and repair services. The current network of collaborating companies is available on the map: About ELITAS/ELITAS Development (link ka mapi).

Besides standard installation of our products, ELITAS performs supporting building-craft works. Those works could include pre-installation works (production and concreting anchors for free standing signs), production and installation of holding steel constructions and final craft and aesthetic works. More information on Building-craft works(link ka strani, nalazi se u »Uslugama«




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